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Informative websites to help you get your disability benefits

This is the OFFICIAL site of the Social Security Administration. If you have not yet applied for Social Security Disability, visit this site right away and start the process.

People often assume that the web addresss for the Social Security Administration is It’s not. Social is owned by a guy named Larry. It is NOT an official SSA website. There is no content on the site — just a bunch of ads. Larry wants you to click on the ads so he can make money. I bet the SSA wishes they would have bought this domain name.

People sometimes assume that is the web address for the SSA. Again it is not. Social is owned by the Cato Institue Project on Social Security Choice. It focuses on reforming the Social Security Retirement benefit system and doesn’t have any information on Social Security Disability benefits.

Social is the web address that allows you to apply for Social Security Benefits online. Use this link to apply for SSDI Benefits or SSI Benefits. is the same as Both website addresses give you the same information. is NOT the same as Social It is another site like Larry’s that tries to get you to click on ads. I wonder how much money they make per month of these ads?

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