Disability Appeal Process

How to Appeal Your Disability Claim

If you are disabled the first step is to apply for Social Security Disability benefits with the Social Security Administration. You may apply in person through your local Social Security Administration office, by calling 1-800-772-1213 for help by phone or online at.

Filing for Social Security disability benefits is too important to be unfamiliar with the laws and facts. The process can be confusing and overwhelming. Errors on the application or in documentation can cost you time and money, and can get you denied needlessly. Get a Disability Case Review by an experienced Disability Lawyer.

If you have applied for disability benefits through the Social Security Administration and have been denied, contact a Supplemental Security Insurance, Social Security Disability Insurance professional that will help you get the benefits you deserve fast.! Fill out our Free Confidential Evaluation and a highly skilled attorney or advocate in your area will contact you to discuss your possible case.

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