Social Security Disability in Nashville, TN

Qualify for SSI and SSDI disability benefits in Nashville
The Social Security Disability Insurance program or SSDI in Nashville, Tennessee, is a disability program which provides disability payments to workers who have a severe mental or physical health condition which is expected to last for at least 12 continuous months and who are no longer able to work or to perform work at a “substantial level”. Nashville SSDI benefits may also be paid to the widow, widowers and children of insured and disabled workers.

In addition to the medical qualifications criteria established by the Social Security Administration (SSA), workers must also have worked long enough and paid enough in payroll taxes to be considered “insured” by the SSA. The Social Security Administration determines the number of work credits which must be accumulated by disabled workers to qualify for SSDI in Nashville, and the number of credits needed to qualify for Social Security Disability Insurance in Nashville can vary based on the worker’s age.

Many people do not have the work history to qualify for Nashville Social Security Disability Insurance benefits. Supplemental Security Income was created by the Federal Government to help individuals who are disabled or aged (65 years or older) with limited income or resources or who have Social Security Disability blindness. To qualify for Nashville SSI benefits your income and resources must be no more than $2000 for individuals and $3000 for couples. You must also be determined disabled by the Social Security Administration.

Why you should find a Nashville disability lawyer to properly examine your claim

If you are thinking about filing a disability claim with the Social Security Administration, you must know that Nashville attorneys and advocates are more successful than individuals in getting claims passed. Finding the right disability lawyer is imperative in your quest for benefits. Click here for a FREE consultation with a social security disability lawyer. The Social Security Administration regularly rejects as many as seventy per cent of the claims that are filed.

What our sponsoring Nashville social security disability lawyers and advocates can do for you –

  • Evaluate your case to determine its strengths and weaknesses.
  • Collect and compile your medical records, witness testimonials and expert opinion. Nashville lawyers will also organize medical check ups, if necessary.
  • Handle time taking procedural formalities and hearings.
  • Examine your old claims, if any, and consolidate your case so that you receive all that you are entitled to, under the law.
  • Most importantly, support you by arguing your case through the various levels of Social Security Administration, and even at the United States Supreme Court, if necessary.

If you have been approved for disability benefits, the social security administration is required to review your disability case from time to time. This is required by law to determine rather or not you are still disabled. The amount of time between reviews will depend on how long your condition is expected to last or if it was expected to show improvement. Even if you have been approved for social security disability benefits, it is important that you maintain the services of your Nashville SSDI or SSI disabiilty attorney, in case there is a need for appeals. Click here for your free evaluation and we can help you locate the right attorney or advocate for you. We are here to help you find a disability benefits attorney!

Your Options to file for disability in Nashville, Tennessee

If you live in Nashville or any surrounding city such as: Goodlettsville, Lebannon, Hendersonville, Smyrna, La Vergna, Brentwood, Franklin or Fairview, you can contact the Social Security Administration to file and apply for Social Security Insurance or Supplemental Security Income by:

  • Apply by visiting the Social Security Administration’s website at
  • Filing for disability be telephone: Calling the SSA at 1-800-772-1213.
  • Applying at the nearest Social Security Administration office to apply in person. To locate the office nearest you, go to Visit the Social Security Office locator page for Nashville and enter you zip code. The nearest Social Security Administration office you can file disability at will be listed.

The Office of Disability Adjudication and Review (ODAR) files all reconsiderations, schedules hearings and handles all Appeal Council reviews. The ODAR for the Atlanta Region services the 8 southern states of Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Mississippi, South Carolina, North Carolina, Tennessee and Alabama.

Social Security Administration,
Office of Disability Adjudication and Review (ODAR),
Atlanta Federal Center, Suite 20T10,
61 Forsyth Street, S.W.,
Atlanta, Georgia 30303

Telephone: (404) 563-1182
Fax: (404) 562-1152

ODAR for Nashville, Tennessee

Each request for a Social Security Disability hearing is processed by one of the Social Security Administration’s 35 hearing offices and 1 satellite office. The address and phone number for the Nashville Hearing Office is listed below:

Social Security Administration,
Office of Disability Adjudication and Review (ODAR),
221 Cumberland Bend,
Nashville, Tennessee 37228-1803

Telephone: (877) 583-4103
Fax: (736) 2175

This office services the following Social Security Field Offices:

Tennessee: Clarksville, Columbia, Gallatin, Lawrenceburg, Madison, Murfreesboro, Nashville, and Paris

The Tennessee Disability Determination Services (DDS) is a section within the Division of Rehabilitation Services of the Department of Human Services. The DDS operates by agreement between the State of Tennessee and the Social Security Administration to process Social Security and Supplemental Security Income disability claims. The DDS makes decision, processes disability claims and provides assistance to Tennessee claimants who have applied for Social Security Disability benefits.

Social Security Administration, Disability Determination Services,
400 Deaderick Street,
Nashville, TN 37243-1403

Disability Determination Services,
P.O. Box 775
Nashville, Tennessee 37202

Telephone: (615) 743-7300
Toll-Free, in Tennessee: 1-800-342-1117
Fax: (615) 253-2727

According to the Social Security Administration, the SSA field offices in Nashville perform a full range of services. Claimants may apply for SSDI or SSI, replace their Social Security cards, make changes to their benefits information or the SSA will help Medicare beneficiaries with limited income and resources apply for extra help with the cost of their prescription drugs under the new Medicare Prescription Drug Program. Listed below is the areas local social security office.

Social Security Administration,
120 Athens Way,
Nashville, TN 37228

Telephone: 1-615-736-2248

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