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When a person has become disabled, most often they have a family to take care of. Losing one persons income or the income of the sole provider for that family can be extremely devastating to everyone involved. It can lead to many problems that are often unforeseen and can truly cause emotional and physical distress. For example, if a family loses the income of the sole provider basis household bills may go unpaid resulting in termination of services, or mortgage payments may go unpaid and this results in foreclosure on the home. No one wants this to happen, which is why the social security administration has made available social security disability benefits and family benefits.

Talk to your Montgomery social security disability lawyer or advocate and find out if you qualify and how they can help you obtain disability benefits, so that you can your family can continue to lead the quality of life you deserve regardless of your disability. Click here for a free evaluation and we can help you find an experience, reputable disability lawyer or advocate that can help you begin on the path of obtaining social security disability benefits.

If you are approved for social security disability benefits, other family members may also qualify. Each member of your family, such as your spouse, divorced spouse, children, and disabled children, may qualify to receive monthly benefits that equals to up to 50% of the rate you currently get. Your benefits are not affected by this; this will be in addition to the benefits you will receive. There is a limitation on the total amount your family can receive, it varies greatly depending on situations, it is anywhere within 150% and 180% of the benefits you will receive.

Click here for a free evaluation and let us help you find a Montgomery disability lawyer or advocate that can help you further understand what you and your family may qualify for. Your spouse may be eligible for benefits under your record any age if they meet certain requirements. The requirements and guidelines for spousal benefits can be extremely confusing, it is important that you talk with your Montgomery social security disability lawyer or advocate for a full explanation and how it would work.

If you and your spouse have divorced, your ex may be able to qualify for benefits from your record if they meet specific guidelines; this is true even if you have remarried. Guidelines for your ex are if you were married ten years or more, your ex is age 62 or older, is unmarried, and is not eligible to receive higher or equal benefits with their own social security records.

Your children may also qualify for benefits under your social security record up to the age of 18 years old or 19 depending upon schooling, or if they are disabled as well. Your children will receive benefits if they are under 18 years of age, until they are graduate high school or are disabled.

Get a free evaluation now and find a Montgomery social security disability lawyer or advocate that can help you through all disability benefit processes. If you reside outside of the Montgomery area, we have experienced lawyer’s all over the state of Alabama in areas such as, Birmingham, Cedar Bluff, Decatur, Fairhope and Fort Payne.


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