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It is widely thought that in order to apply for social security disability benefits that you must be poor in order to qualify. This is not true, for those who have worked for five out of the last ten years; disability benefits are available to you. Supplemental Security Income is available for those who have not worked, have not been able to work, or have no income coming in for five of the last ten years. Click here to find a Louisville social security disability lawyer or advocate to help you in determining if you meet all eligibility requirements for either type of benefits. The work length requirements also adjust with age, for example if you are 25, have become disabled and unable to work within a normal working environment, your length of time you must have worked and paid into FICA would be less than that of a 32 year old.

It is important that you get with your Louisville disability lawyer or advocate and file your disability claim right away. If your illness or injury is expected to last more than one year you may qualify and waiting any longer than you need to is unnecessary and could require your claim to be pushed back. The process of applying for and getting disability benefits can be a lengthy one, therefore you will want to begin right away. Again, your Louisville social security disability lawyer or advocate can help you in all aspects of your claim from the initial application to any hearings or appeals that may become necessary to prove your claim.

This is true even if you are on paid sick leave from your employer or have been hurt while on the job and drawing workers compensation. You need to file right away, this will allow you to fill any gap (If approved) that may occur once the disability benefits begin and the compensation ends. If you are getting workers compensation at the time disability benefits begin, your benefits may be reduced while the compensation is being paid or on the other hand, the compensation may be reduced and the disability benefits remain the same.

It is important that you find a reputable, experienced, and knowledgeable Louisville disability lawyer or advocate to help you in all areas of social security disability insurance, click here today for a free evaluation. There is no time to wait, the sooner you begin the process the sooner you can begin to receive the disability benefits that you need and deserve to help you continue to live the quality of life you were used to prior to your disability. Often times, not being able to work can begin a whole world of financial turmoil, this is why social security disability benefits exist, to help the disabled continue to be able to live a normal life.

If you reside outside of the Louisville area, never fear we have many qualified and excellent social security disability lawyers and advocates all around the great state of Kentucky in areas such as, Lexington, Fayette, Ashland, Alexandria, and Leitchfield.

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