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Social Security Disability benefits are typically made available to those who have found themselves with the inability to gain or maintain substantial work because of an injury or illness beyond their control. People do not ask to be disabled and they do not want to no longer be able to do the things they once enjoyed with their career, however sometimes things happen beyond our control. Which is why the social security administration offers the federal government program of social security disability insurance. One thing you will definitely need when attempting to obtain disability benefits is a reputable and effective Irving disability lawyer.

Your Irving social security lawyer or advocate will be able to answer any questions you may have regarding social security disability. For example, many people can become confused between what the difference is between Social Security Disability benefits and Supplemental Security Income. There are vast differences between the two and your lawyer or advocate will be able to explain them to you. One thing that is the same for both types of benefits is that the recipient must have an impairment that has been proven by a medical doctor, which prevents the person from performing any type of activity that is substantial and gainful for at least one year or more.

Click here for a free evaluation and your Irving disability lawyer or advocate can help you better understand what is needed. Disability benefits are made available to people who have been employed and has worked while paying taxes known as FICA. The social security administration looks at your income in quarterly period and makes the determination. If you have paid FICA for at least five years prior to your disability you may eligible to receive social security disability benefits. This goes by age obviously, is your are less than 28 years of age, then the time requirements are then adjusted.

Additionally, disability benefits may be granted to those who have become disabled within seven years of the death of their spouse. It is important that you contact your Irving social security lawyer or advocate and ask them to explain the different social security disability benefit aspects, rules, and regulations. Additionally, you should ask them to help you determine if you are eligible and how you need to proceed in filing your claim, obtaining a reconsideration, or appeals. It is imperative that you obtain an Irving disability lawyer or advocate that is reputable, well known for their effectiveness in social security disability claims, and is personable. You will want one that knows that each disability is unique and requires different levels of commitment, involvement, and consideration.

Click here for your free evaluation and find the Irving social security disability lawyer or advocate that is right for you, your situation, and your needs. There is never a better time to do so, than right now, the sooner you get started, the sooner you will begin to receive your benefits that will help you lead a quality life with your disability. If you reside outside of the Irving area, we also have professional social security disability lawyers and advocates in the surrounding areas of Arlington, Dallas, Fort Worth, Houston, and Austin.

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