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If you suffer from a disability, physical or mental, which prevents you from being productive and earning an income for a period of at least twelve months, you are entitled to receive social security disability income given by the federal government. This income is guaranteed to you by the law.

Although this may sound straightforward and simple, it isn’t so in reality. In order to get this income, you have to be officially recognized by the government as being disabled. For this, you are required to get a disability certification from the local Social Security Administration in your city.

Statistics shows that seventy per cent of all disability petitions are rejected in the very first step of the entire procedure. Studies, however, indicate that attorneys and advocates stand a better chance of getting your case passed. Therefore, if you have decided to file for social security disability income, it is probably better to engage the services of a Huntington Beach social security disability lawyer. Click here for a FREE consultation with a social security disability lawyer.

We provide the services of our Huntington Beach social security disability lawyers, who will help-

  • compile the necessary documents like medical reports and past employment records;
  • represent you in all the hearings and meetings;
  • arrange for medical exams; and,
  • gather witnesses and experts for testimony.

Our Huntington Beach social security disability lawyers and advocates will stand by you through all the levels that your case has to pass and even take your case to the highest court in the country to ensure that you get what is rightfully yours.

Remember, time is a key factor. Any delay in filing your case can damage your case, as critical details become difficult to procure, with the passage of time. So, call us today! Residents of other cities in California, like Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Diego, Long Beach and Hollywood may also contact us and avail of the legal services of our experienced attorneys.

Your local Social Security Administration office is at:
6303 Rugby Avenue,
Huntington Park,
California – 90255

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