My Social Security Disability Claim was Denied

How can I appeal my denied disability claim?

If your initial benefit claim is denied, you should always appeal the decision. Even if you do not get awarded disability benefits after the initial filing, you can appeal, which is called filing for Reconsideration, and receive benefits. If you get denied after Reconsideration you can still have your case heard by the Administrative Law Judge who can award you benefits .

You can appeal a denial by calling social security as soon as you get a denial letter and telling them that you want to appeal the decision. The Social Security Administration will then mail you the required appeal forms in the mail. You will need to fill these out and return them in order to appeal your case. If you are represented by a disability lawyer, you can instead contact them and they can fill out the appeals forms for you.

I’ve been denied disability benefits, how can the Dire Need letter get me a faster response?

There are not many ways to speed up the disability benefits process. But, if you have been denied after Reconsideration and want to take your case to be heard by the Administrative Law Judge, you can send a Dire Need letter stressing the severity of your financial situation in order to get a quicker date for the judge to hear your case. Another way to speed up your case is by requesting an on-the-record review. This allows the hearing office to review your file before the hearing date in order to be approved for benefits without having to wait to take the case before a judge.

An experienced Social Security Home attorney or disability advocate can ensure your forms are filled out completely and if necessary file any appeals quickly. Click on the ” free case evaluation ” link and an attorney or advocate near you will contact you to discuss your case. Get the peace of mind you need by having an attorney or advocate you can trust helping you through the entire Social Security process.

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