State Disability

New York State Disability Insurance

New York State Disability (NYSD) pays monetary benefits to employees with disabilities for disabilities that are non work-related injuries or illnesses beginning with the eighth consecutive day of the disability. Most employers are required by state law to provide for payment of Disability Benefits, however, this law does not cover some workers, such as Federal, State, and City government employees and Board of Education employees. Furthermore, some teachers in private institutions are covered by agreement with their schools instead.

New York State Disability pays partial wages, specifically fifty percent of your average weekly wages, based on your wages during the last eight weeks of employment, to a maximum of $170 a week. These benefits are paid for twenty-six weeks, counted from the first day of disability. The benefit checks are paid directly to you by the employer’s insurance company and are mailed every two weeks. Note that NYSD does not include any medical benefits in its plan.

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