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Applying for social security disability benefits can be a confusing, time consuming, and aggravating task. There are so many aspects of the processes that one much know in order to become approved. By clicking here for a free evaluation and finding a New Jersey disability attorney or advocate you will be able to take comfort in knowing that there is someone with extensive knowledge and experience on your side to help you understand everything involved. One specific and important aspect of applying for Social Security Disability Benefits is the type of disability you have.

First, it is important that you understand what it means to the SSA to be disabled. In order to qualify for the disability program you must be totally disabled, the program will not grant benefits to those who have a disability that is short term or partial. Additionally, they base the term disability on your ability to work. If you cannot perform the work that you were previously doing prior to your disability and you will not have the ability to gainfully adjust to other types of work due to the disability you are considered disabled by the social security administration.

There are also specific guidelines they use in making the decision on rather or not you are disabled. There are 5 steps they use to figure this out.

Step one – If you are working and earn more than $860 monthly on average, they do not consider you as a disabled person. If you are not working or making that amount of money, they move on to the next step.

Step two – Your disability must prevent you from performing work activities that are basic in your field. If your disability does not prevent this, they will find you ineligible and deny your claim. If your disability does prevent you from performing the basics, they will move onto step three.

Step three – The social security administration maintains a list of medical conditions that they use to determine disability. These conditions within this list means, if you have any of them you are considered automatically disabled. If your condition is not on the list, they will have to use medical records, testimonials, and the like to determine if your disability is as severe as the ones listed. If it is, they will determine you disabled, if it is not of equal severity they will continue onto step four.

Step Four – The social security administration will now have to determine if you will be able to perform the same type of work you did prior to your disability. If they determine you can still perform your same duties they will deny the claim, if they determine that it does interfere they continue to the last step.

Step Five – They will have to consider rather or not you will be able to perform any other type of work or adjust to it. There are several things they use to determine this area such as your disability, education, age, skills, and past work history. If they determine you cannot adjust they will approve the claim, if they find you can they will deny it.
By obtaining a reputable and knowledgeable New Jersey social security disability lawyer or advocate you will be better able to understand all the processes involved and likely get your approval at a faster rate, click here for your free evaluation today.

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